Saturday, May 11, 2013

Second Lesson of the Season!!!!!

Emma Chase
Emma with Bida,
Progress Entry: Sat 11 May 2013

Online Level 2
15 minutes

FreeStyle Level 2
45 minutes
So I had a rough start this evening with Bida. I decided to hop on her bareback & ride her to the barn, I didn't want to walk through all the mud puddles and thought it would be a great experience for Bida to walk through the water. Well, she had other ideas I was on her about a minute and she started the second she landed back on the ground I hopped off and got her under control & walked her up to the barn instead of riding. I went to the car to get her saddled and ready for our lesson, which was a great one!!!! We rode on the rode for about 45 minutes, just her... no other horses. She did amazing!!!! After that my trainer showed me how to help her learn how to pick up her back feet and to teach her how she is supposed to do it & not kick. She did awesome!!!! I hopefully have another lesson next Friday permitting!! Can't wait! :)

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